The following are maxcareMaintenance, inspection and repair work rules and regulations, please read carefully and clearly understand the content and deal with the following :

  1. Customers must register their item(s) within 14 days counting from the day of purchase in order to entitle for the warranty coverage.
  2. Customers must keep the original purchase receipt as confirmation of the warranty effective date.
  3. If customers fail to provide a valid invoice as a proof of purchase and have not register their item(s) for warranty, then the customers will be responsible for any related charges as the warranty will be treated as incomplete.
  4. Limitations of Product Care Specifications
    • All items are non-refundable.
    • During the warranty period, if the product is in normal use, you can enjoy free self-contained hardware repair service, but does not include internal and external consumable parts and accessories, such as: rechargeable batteries, chargers, wires, adhesive sheets, remote controls device, electrode stickers, massage balls for massage sticks, cloth covers and shells, and any other accessories/parts that will be worn and lost.
  1. In case of the following inspection and maintenance conditions or circumstances, the company will not provide any service and charge the door-to-door fee:
    • If the customer fails to provide a safe and reasonable working environment or conditions, which may cause potential danger to the company’s technicians, there is not enough space for the technicians to carry out inspection or maintenance work.
    • If the customer refuses to pay for inspection or repairs.
    • Not our product. * Therefore, the situation is negligent, and the customer must pay the door-to-door service fee.
    • This product has been inspected, repaired or modified by persons not authorized by the company.
    • If problems or damages are caused by acts of God, fire, flood, human error and neglect, improper use, improper power supply.
    • The product has been modified or repaired by unauthorized persons.
    • Damage due to all human negligence, misuse and abuse.
    • Any damage caused by improper voltage.
    • Reinstallation, relocation and relocation services are not included during the warranty period.
  1. Gifts are not covered under warranty.
  2. If there is any discrepancy between the content of the Chinese and English versions, the Chinese version shall prevail under any circumstances.
  3. All maintenance services are for use in Hong Kong and Macau only. For maintenance and repair enquiries, please call: 2950 9383


Product usage and precautions. User may not disassemble or repair

  • This product should be maintained by us, users are prohibited to disassemble or maintain by themselves.
  • Please always turn off the main power after use.
  • Do not use this product if the socket is loose.
  • If this product is to be left idle for long, please tie up the power cords and keep it in dry and dustless environment.
  • Do not keep this product at a high temperature or near fire. Do not keep under direct sunlight.
  • Please clean this product with dry cloths. Do not use thinner, benzene or alcohol.
  • The mechanical components of this product are specially designed and made, no special maintenance required.
  • Do not point sharp objects at this product.
  • Do not roll or pull this product above uneven ground, it should be lifted before