Max Gorgeous


  • Both sides of the headHigh quality bluetooth Speaker
  • USB Charging and storage port
  • Handrail shortcut keys
  • Calves and feet can be stretched up and down about 16cm
  • Extra longSLtype massage track (135cm)
  • 5cm wall distance



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+$2,000 Max-Bike (MAX-J02J917B) Warranty Period 6 months+$2,000 Max-Bike (MAX-J02J917B) Warranty Period 6 months
+$599 Max Pro 2.0 (MAX-M01MC0547) Warranty Period 6 months+$599 Max Pro 2.0 (MAX-M01MC0547) Warranty Period 6 months
Max Cupping (MAX-Z02C306) Warranty Period 1 monthsMax Cupping (MAX-Z02C306) Warranty Period 1 months
Max Roller (MAX-M01MC0313M) Warranty Period 1 monthsMax Roller (MAX-M01MC0313M) Warranty Period 1 months
極尚椅 側面
Max Gorgeous
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Warranty Period24 months
Logistics arrangementHome delivery and installation
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